The Trichomes are leaf hairs, they reflect radiation, lower plant temperature, and reduce water loss. When you touch trichomes the scent sticks to you, much like the music of the band. Melting audible chocolate into your ears, the sticky sounds of The Trichomes are not easily forgotten. Neither are their hi-energy funkadelic infused performances.

Some even say, "it will bring you back to '78." 
Infectious grooves, cosmic riffs, mated with insightful lyrics and a dirty back beat spontaneously combusting into the heels of your shoes.
Since the band’s union, they have  enthralled music lovers from all walks of life; performing at a variety of festivals, venues, making loads of public appearances, starting their own annual music festival, all the while recording new music.

The Trichomes have shared the stage with many of their favorite national and regional touring artists such as: 
The Wailers, Lettuce, Tauk,

Melvin Seals & Jerry Garcia Band, The Nth Power,

Ryan Montbleau,  The Werks, Badfish, Kung Fu, Giant Panda Guerrilla Dub Squad, Twiddle, lespecial,

G-nome Project, Spiritual Rez, 

Consider The Source, Max Creek, Bella's Bartok,

The Machine, Eric Krasno Band and the list continues to grow..



(401) 266-1111


Portsmouth, NH 03801, USA

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